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New To Hockey?


Looking to participate in a sport that requires skill, strength, strategic thinking and the desire to play as part of a team?  Whatever level you play at, hockey can enhance your life, improving fitness, strength and coordination.

Whether you are looking to play casually in our recreational league or competitively with one of our traveling teams, you'll find our organization to be a great place to learn new skills and meet new friends.  Contact us today!


1.  LEARN-TO-SKATE:  All new skaters under 10 years old should start with a learn-to-skate program.  The Bourne Skating Club offers sessions from fall to spring for kids that haven't skated before or need more instruction to skate.

2.  LEARN-TO-PLAY (HOCKEY):  Once your child can skate from one end of the rink to the other with relative ease, your child is ready for LTP (learn-to-play).  LTP consists of an hour of instruction and skill development each week on Saturdays. 

3.  IN-HOUSE TEAM:  The In-house team (commonly called In-House-Mites) are for LTP players that are ready to compete against each other in a game format.  In-house teams play once a week on Sundays.  Most, if not all, in-house players also continue with LTP during the year. 

4.  NEXT LEVELS:  After playing in our In-house team, your child may be ready to tryout in the spring for higher level teams for the following year.

If your new skater is older that 9, please contact us for other options.